Friday, February 1, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents


Caught off guard by becoming something more than an inanimate object without warning, Jaylon committed a sin. He looked at the man and asked, “What?” He could see the instant it was out of his mouth the lapse was going to cost him. Knowing, also, dropping his gaze would not be enough to repair the damage, in a moment of stubborn rebellion, he did not lower his eyes all.
Tri Gov Isa was the one to turn away, and he was furious. “See what I mean by their lack of even basic intelligence? They—”
Movement caught Jaylon’s attention, and he committed another sin. He spoke without being spoken to, and he interrupted a Paramount. “There’s—”
“Stand at attention!”
Jaylon jerked to attention. He held his tongue and stared straight ahead, keeping a glass floating through the air in his field of vision. He would not have finished his warning for anything, and concentrated on not showing his spiteful appreciation as the glass glided through the air to a position above the man’s head.
“I will see that you—” Isa ended in a scream as the glass tipped, poured the contents on his head.
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